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2023 Fish On For Freedom 
Boats and Captains

While we have a lot of help from sponsors and event volunteers, without these captains donating their time and vessels, this event would not be possible. We have many charter boats and private recreational fisherman that are proud to give up a day to support this great event. Be sure to say 'Thanks for supporting Fish On For Freedom' when you see them around town. 

Annie Mac II   -   Chuck Houk

Awnimaul   -   Brian Wheelis

Bandit   -   Rod Simons

Bear With Me Charters   -   Adam & Barry Howell

Blue Fairways Charters   -   Greg Magee/ Randy Sarnowski

Clock'd Out Charters   -   Dennis Plamondon

Doc's Holiday   -   Dan Gentry

El-Lin Charters   -   Dave Even

Fish Hook Charters   -   Matt & Mark Thowbridge

Fishin Affair Charters   -   Ryan Bullard

Fishues   -   Ron Caramango

Free Style Charters   -   George Freeman

Hamm Bone   -   Tony Hamm

Hat Trick Charters   -   John Kolehouse

Honest Mark   -   Mark Champion

Jackpot Charters   -   Todd Reed

Knotty Girl Charters   -   Steve Lauer

Lie A Lot Charters   -   Joe Marion

MT Pockets   -   Marty Jastrzembowski

Netminder   -   Tim Thompson

Outcast   -   Jason Adam

Pole Cat   -   Ged Strzynski

Pull Hard   -   Jeff Spurgess

Reel Obsession Charters   -   Shane Smith

Reel World   -   Dan Conner

Salmon Slayer Charters   -   Dave Ellis

Silver Addiction Charters   -   Mark Williams

Silver Rush   -   Paul Geyer

Sorry Kids Charters   -   Ron Sarto

Trippyn' Dipseys   -   Dann Van Dyke

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